In May 2017 Foot Locker Europe’s first female brand ambassador launched the new women’s summer collection.

It’s an incredible opportunity for me to pair fashion with my music,” said Dua Lipa in a statement. “Sportswear has always been a big part of my style. We’re a great team and I can’t wait to collaborate with the Foot Locker team over the course of the year.

Dua Lipa visits the Foot Locker flagship store in Milan, generating huge social hype around the store, and Foot Locker’s sponsorship of Dua’s European Tour.

Dua Lipa was selected to be Foot Locker’s first female brand ambassador, and after 6 months of negotiation, was confirmed to be the face of the women’s Foot Locker campaigns for 2017.

To launch the summer collection, Dua was featured in a series of stunning images shot by VMA and Grammy-nominated photographer Dexter Navy showcasing her unique style, an effortless combination of sportswear and fashion, featuring the hottest on-trend products from Foot Locker. The campaign seamlessly blends streetwear and sneakers with bold pairings befitting Dua’s unique look – which she describes as “young, fun and fresh”.

The campaign was launched at 630 Foot Locker stores throughout Europe, with an exclusive media partnership with Hypebae, and a social content series on Foot Locker’s channels capturing Dua’s passion for sneakers and sportswear.

The launch media investment focused on social media channels, and utilized disruptive new advertising formats in order to engage our female target audience and bridge the gap between content and commerce.